Make Quality Spring-like Water at Home or Your Money Back
  • The Best water on earth next to Mother Nature
  • Two Water Technologies combined for Purer more Natural Water
  • Same Structure and Life-Force energy as High Quality Spring Water
  • Healthy Alkaline pHwith Mineral & Infrared Enhancement
  • Zero Water Waste Option
  • Made in the U.S.A.
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BrandGreen Frontiers Water
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The Body's Energy Requirement to make Water Usable
Green Frontiers Living Energy

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With the under Sink Natural Action Technology and Alkaline, Infrared Enhanced Reverse Osmosis

The Sink Green Frontiers Baby Safe Reverse Osmosis vortex energizing and filtration system is the basic system for enjoying spring-like water in your home. It is as simple is a twist of your wrist.

  • Spring-like water is some of the healthiest water on the planet because it is Living Water.
  • It is an excellent choice for people who move frequently or who lease
  • It is easy to install



  • Vortexing Renaturalizes water 100% Nature’s Way
  • Eliminates Toxins and Poisons
  • Earth Friendly – No bottles required
  • Zero Water Waste Option


This system combines the SINK NATURAL ACTION unit with an industry leader, Crystal Quest REVERSE OSMOSIS FILTER system with a safe NATURAL ELEMENTS water conditioning cartridge


The SINK NATURAL ACTION unit guarantees that you enjoy structured, energized, Living water at your kitchen sink.

The under the sink REVERSE OSMOSIS FILTER system guarantees the perfect water for drinking and cooking

  • Has the same natural structure and energy as high quality spring water
  • Safely Reduces stress and boosts energy
  • Safe Alkaline pH found in natural springs
  • Loaded with Oxygen and Hydrogen – safe fuel for the body
  • Enriched with safe Calcium, Magnesium and Potassium ions for optimum cell function
  • Removes Fluoride compounds
  • Removes Fluoride ions
  • Supports healthy immune function
  • Activates efficient metabolism

The ONLY reverse osmosis filter system that guarantees healthy spring-like quality water at the faucet with the twist of your wrist

  • Restructures water to its perfect form
  • Erases harmful water memory
  • Infuses the water with an abundance of bio-photon life force energy
  • Removes contaminates including Fluorides
  • Restores essential mineral balance
  • Restores a healthy Alkaline pH
  • Oxygen and Hydrogen rich water perfectly fuels the body
  • Enhanced with cell activating energy
  • Reverse Osmosis makes water so pure we have to add essential minerals for balance

The Green Frontiers Reverse Osmosis Water system removes Fluoride and is Baby Safe

  • Spring-like natural energy supports development of the strongest immune system
  • living water is nutrition
  • Essential minerals for optimal cell function
  • Calcium and magnesium for strong bones
  • Pathogen, virus and bacteria free
  • Pure, clean and energized
  • Supports life


  • Cells require living water.
  • All dead water like tap and bottled water must be converted into living water.
  • The amount of energy required for a body to stay hydrated one day on tap and bottled water can light your home for a month.
  • The state of the art reverse osmosis system removes contaminates up to 1/10,000th of a micron, or 24 millionths of an inch
  • The Natural Action Vortex structuring process erases harmful water memory
  • The Natural Action Vortex process infuses the water with an abundance of life force energy.
  • The reverse osmosis Water Reconditioning cartridge is a standard feature with this reverse osmosis system
  • Reconditioning gives the spring-like water a perfect health balance. 
  • We believe that this vortex and infrared enhanced reverse osmosis system makes the best water on earth next only to Mother Nature herself.


Natural Action Water Reverse Osmosis Benefits

  • The Natural Action Water Reverse Osmosis system structures a Mother's milk into the perfect baby nutrition
  • The Natural Action Reverse Osmosis system neutralizes and reverses the toxic effects of contaminates
  • The Natural Action Water Reverse Osmosis system protects the immune system
  • Reverse negative health trends with the Green Frontiers Natural Action Water Reverse Osmosis system
  • The Natural Action Water Reverse Osmosis system makes naturally healthy alkaline water
  • The Natural Action Water Reverse Osmosis system replaces essential minerals after the osmosis process
  • The Natural Action Water Reverse Osmosis system fuels the body with clean Oxygen and Hydrogen
  • The Natural Action Reverse Osmosis water filtration system is the only system that gives life activating sunshine energy at the cellular level.
  • A Green Frontiers Natural Action Water Reverse Osmosis system improves taste and flavor of beverages
  • A Green Frontiers Natural Action Water Reverse Osmosis system is naturally Good Health insurance
  • Removes Fluoride compounds and Fluoride ions 

Additional Information

The Vortex unit generally ships the next business day.

The Alkaline, Infrared Filter System ships in 2 to 10 days from the manufacturer.

Ships only to USA


Natural Action Water OptionsChoose the STANDARD or ENHANCED model


What is Enhanced vs Standard Natural Action:


The Enhanced vortexing unit adds structure and energy on top of the excellent qualities provided by the standard flow design. For more see FAQ.




1 Sink Natural Action Water structuring unit

1 Crystal Quest, 100 gpd, 16 stage reverse osmosis system with a water reconditioning cartridge


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